Proven Change Management

Socrates Learning is a management consultancy that offers training professionals versed in strengths-based tools of change management across Asia and North America. Our tools are designed to include all relevant stakeholders to enact transformational change in your organization. As custodians of a deep heritage of organizational development strategies, we help you unravel the true causes of problems that are hindering bottom line results. Socrates Learning is based in Singapore.

Proven Change Management

It is no longer acceptable for the impetus of continuous improvement to lie within the hands of a select management committee. Successful organizations leverage all of their learning, and are especially adept at integrating the lessons learned by rank-and-file employees who are closest to the issues. Disconnected from the company’s vision, the average employee believes organizational change to be beyond their scope. A constant emphasis on the discovery of failures is crystalized into a Problem Paradigm, leaving no bandwidth for future growth and evolution.

Modern organizational psychology demonstrates that human systems move towards the ideas they obsess about. Socrates Learning specializes in injecting a Solution Paradigm into organizations, resulting in a virtuous feedback loop, greater employee engagement, and direct bottom line returns.

Our research-backed techniques will incorporate your entire spectrum of human capital to enact a change event. Clients engage Socrates Learning to help them achieve transformational objectives including:

  • Energized sales figures
  • Increased employee productivity and retention
  • Improved culture to become a magnet for top talent

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