The Team

Socrates Learning is an international collaborative collective of accomplished professionals from all over the globe, with the passion, desire and skills to enable organizations to achieve their visions and goals. Its faculties are skilled educators, ground-breaking researchers, and authors from across 3 continents.

Kiran Kandade

Founder and Principal

Kiran Kandade brings over two decades of business experience in developing social capital for corporations across countries. She has achieved significant outcomes in mentoring organizations to create sustained change. She has worked and studied directly with global thought leaders in the field. She is certified in “Developing Leadership through Emotional Intelligence”, and “Appreciative Inquiry in Positive Business and Society Change” by Case Western Reserve University. She is also a certified facilitator for the ground breaking leadership development program “Appreciative Leadership and Change” created by a leading researcher and practitioner in organizational behavior.

Kiran holds an M.S in Positive Organizational Development from Case Western Reserve University in the USA, and post-graduate degrees from National University of Singapore and University of Bombay. She was one of six South Asian Dialogue Apprentices selected for a 2012 conference on “Dispute and Conflict Resolution in Businesses and Communities” held in conjunction with Harvard Kennedy School’s Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative. Kiran has been interviewed by CNBC Asia, and speaks several languages.

Kiran’s blog on this website regularly discusses issues like leadership, culture, values, and change, often through the lens of stories.

Kiran is a marathon runner and a lover of poetry and literature. She authors “Thought for the Day” (TFTD), which has a large following from all over the world. TFTD is a blog-mail that typically consists of a quote followed by a relevant story, that attempts to create new worlds through conversations on the possibilities. If you would like to receive TFTD please send a mail to Kiran and she will gladly add you to her mailing list.


Sam Wadia

Associate Consultant and Trainer

Sam Wadia is a financial educator, author, and consultant. He is a professional trainer, curriculum developer and assessor certified by the Workforce Development Authority of Singapore. He has co-facilitated Appreciative Inquiry Summits for organizations in Singapore.

As a leadership consultant, Sam has studied hundreds of companies across Asia first hand to understand styles that work in various industries and business sizes. He is a veteran facilitator of workshops leading multi-nationals including Citigroup, Bayer, Starhub, Business Times, and the Singapore Institute of Management.

Sam has taught at the Masters level for the University of Wales. He holds an Masters degree in Banking and Finance, and qualified as both a Certified Financial Planner, and a Chartered Financial Consultant – the most respected global titles in the financial advisory sector.

Sam’s work on personal development has been published by The Straits Times and other leading Singaporean magazines. He has been interviewed by Singapore MediaCorp News Radio 938.



Associate and Thought Partner

Sureshkumar brings over three decades of management experience in banking and software industries to his soft skills training, mentoring and coaching practice. He focuses his attention particularly on young people from marginalized sections of society, on the importance of realizing one’s dreams. He is a founding partner at Konfluenz, a training consultancy dedicated to professional excellence.

Sureshkumar holds an M.S. in Positive Organizational Development and an Advanced Certification in Appreciative Inquiry from Case Western Reserve University in the USA . He is passionate about nature, conservation and photography.


Devta Kidd

Thought Partner

Devta Kidd is a deep believer in the ability of Connective Communication as a foundation to enable symbiotic profit for an ecosystem. She specializes in relationship management and process efficiency evaluation. Devta enjoys working with groups and organizations to transform the context within which the employees operate to improve efficiency and satisfaction. Devta is most excited to work with primary schools, colleges, and university management programs to empower growing minds with the powerful tools of Appreciative Inquiry.

Devta holds an M.S. in Positive Organizational Development from Case Western Reserve University in the USA, a B.S. in Russian Language from the University of Tennessee, and studied Intenrational Relations at Rhodes College. Devta was nominated for the Outsourcing Institute RMMY Relationship Management award in 2008.


Laura Boustani

Thought Partner

Laura Boustani brings more than two decades of experience in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. She has extensive expertise in politics and government, media, urban affairs, crisis management and coaching for elected officials, CEOs, and professionals in transition. Her writing about her work and experience during Lebanon’s civil war is widely read on her blog.

Laura holds an M.S. in Positive Organization Development and Change from Case Western Reserve University and a B.A. in Political Science from John Carroll University, both in the USA. She also holds a certification in Developing Leadership through Emotional Intelligence from Case Western. Laura lives by Einstein’s motto: “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.