Our Values

At Socrates Learning, values define how we operate, much more than processes do. Values trump rules. They define the paths we choose to achieve our goals, and the people we choose to work with – employees, clients, vendors, and partners. They give our clients trust in our delivery of outcomes-based programs to them. We have minimal rules and we walk the talk of our 8 values.

Collaboration above Competition: We take our advocacy of a strengths-based approach literally. We always play to our individual and organizational strengths, and bring these strengths into our engagements.

Egalitarianism Beats Hierarchy: People have strategic responsibilities but nobody overrules someone else merely because of their position. We convince or get convinced.

Make a Difference: Every engagement of Socrates Learning will make a visible difference – money is never the sole driving factor. We work towards real outcomes.

Learn Every Day: A day in which we haven’t learned something is a day wasted. We learn from one another, from our experiences, from clients. We continually learn from our successes and bring those lessons into future engagements.

Integrity is Non-Negotiable: We put honesty as the most critical factor in making decisions. Everyone unquestioningly upholds and expects the highest standards of integrity. Our clients know this and depend on this.

Fun Makes It Worthwhile: If it seems like drudgery, we cannot make a difference. We achieve more when work is fun and we bring it into every engagement. Our workshops and engagements necessarily include the fun element in them to ensure learning and create change.

Inspire Others Everyday: Through our work, our performance, and our commitment to excel, every individual in Socrates Learning strives for inspirational behavior always.

We’re Worth It: We proudly charge for our services, each and every one of which unswervingly embodies our values. We surpass our clients’ expectations.