Success Stories

Success Stories

Our seminars, workshops, trainings and long-term consultancy engagements always result in highly satisfied customers and sustained outcomes. We are proud to present snapshots of some of our more recent engagements.

Workshops and Seminars

Management Development Institute of Singapore (Nov 2012)
A high-energy workshop on Appreciative Inquiry for organizational changemakers – HR professionals and leaders.
Great takeaways in the form of positive interview questions to facilitate selection of the best talents. View Photos

Energizer Singapore Pte Ltd (Aug 2012)
A workshop on Appreciative Inquiry for the senior leadership of Energizer.
Envisioning the future and co-creating it was a high point of the workshop. View Photos

Ong Teng Cheong Institute of Leadership, Singapore (Aug 2012)
Socratic Communication and Socratic Presentation workshops combined into one for union leaders in Singapore.
A high-energy, participative day that resulted in sustained learning outcomes. View Photos

Leadership Workshop for Delegation of Nigerian Educationists, Singapore (Aug 2012)
A customized workshop for a group of Deans, Principals, Senior education ministers and department heads
A leadership workshop based on the principles of Appreciative Inquiry. The group was delighted with the possibilities and visions of the future of education in Nigeria. View Photos

Singapore Training and Development Association (Feb 2012)
Socratic Change Making workshop for leaders and HR professionals.
Participants were particularly delighted to learn how to craft the unconditional positive question. View Photos

Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management, Mumbai, India (Jan 2012)
Senior lecturers and staff attended this introductory seminar to Appreciative Inquiry.
An extremely excited group of participants felt that this approach should be incorporated into their teaching. View Photos

Public Workshop in Mumbai (Nov 2011)
Socratic Change Making, a full day Appreciative Inquiry practicum held for public participants.
An action-learning experience with a “live” client to enable complete immersion in the unique and powerful Appreciative Inquiry methodology. View Photos

Consultancy Engagements

Culture Change” at Emerio Globesoft Pte Ltd (Jan 2012 to Jun 2012)
A successful company wanted to effect an organization wide, sustained culture change to take it to the next level of success.The project had strong endorsement and backing from the CEO.

The engagement consisted of working with the leadership team, buiding a core team to spread the strengths-based approach within the entire organization, conducting workshops with the core team, all of which finally culminated in a 1-day summit with all the stakeholders in the room. This meant all the employees of the Singapore office in one room for the entire day.They rolled up their sleeves and went to work in pairs and groups and had facilitated discussions to understand one another as individuals and teams. The day ended with action plans to co-create the future they had envisioned together.
View Photos – Core Team At Work, Summit Morning Session, Summit Afternoon Session

High Performing Teams” at Corum Singapore Pte Ltd (Dec 2011 to Feb 2012)
A small team that worked seamlessly across 3 countries was desirous of achieving even higher levels of performance together.This is the story of their journey.

Once again, endorsed by the leadership this project began with an introductory workshop on what is Appreciative Inquiry, followed by one-on-one appreciative interviews. We uncovered amazing stories of high team performance and individuals’ dreams of making this the norm. The summit was a customized one-day high energy workshop, for which the participants came in to Singapore from their respective countries. Going through the AI 4-D cycle they achieved a high degree of understanding and cohesiveness to enable outstanding team performance. View Photos

Customer Service” at High Commission of India, Singapore (Jul 2011)
An embassy is the gateway to the country it represents. To foreigners wishing to visit  it is their first impression of the country. To citizens of that country, it is their pride in their motherland and a place they look to for help in times of distress.

The Indian High Commission in Singapore wanted to raise the levels of service to the public. We created a customized workshop “Amazing Workplace Experiences”, based on the principles of Appreciative Inquiry. The visa and consular section staff who attended the workshop were an amazingly enthusiastic group of people. The workshop culminated with every individual feeling energized and taking personal responsibility for creating an amazing workplace, and to give their customers  a truly outstanding service experience. View Photos