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When I first heard of the concept of Appreciative Inquiry… in late 2011… signed up Socrates Learning to take my company Emerio, through the AI journey. I was… impressed by the (AI) summit [and ….] I would like to recommend the adoption of Socrates Learning’s techniques by every company that wants to grow. More importantly, they bring total dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm to the job and this makes a huge impact.

Harish Nim, CEO, Emerio Globesoft Pte Ltd
Socrates Learning offers a curated selection of research driven tools to enable sustained, systemic change. We enable companies and organizations to capitalize on market opportunities by focusing on core strengths.


1. Generative Journalism

Check out this poignant example of how marketing guru Seth Godin applied Generative Journalism techniques to inspire top performing talent to join his team and achieve an impossible deadline.

The Importance Of Founding Values
Growing teams risk losing focus. Certain behaviors of employees have shown themselves to be more beneficial to the company than others. These are often known as founding values and are deeply embedded into the culture of the organization when it is still small. Over time, increasing numbers of people are pulled into the organization to provide greater capacity. The attendant increase in returns come at the price of decreasing efficiency the practical realities of increasing employees, assets, and obligations, conspire to obfuscate the true source of your organization’s wealth–your founding values and the culture of success they inspire.

The Machine In Motion
Celebrate what is best about your organization, reinforce your founding values. Everyday rank-and-file employees, who have been inspired by your training investments, go beyond the expected call of work to offer a resounding hand of support to accomplish your client’s needs. Socrates Learning presents a cost-effective tool to increase the cultural cohesion of your organization towards the founding values that you have worked hard to embed. By applying Appreciative Inquiry techniques, you can ensure that those most valuable of stories, where employees stuck true to the values of your company despite a short sighted corporate regulation, will be unearthed. This gem of inspiration is packaged for widespread consumption over your intranet or internal communication system.

Run Together, Hunt Together
A group of people cohesively inspired around a core set of values are the driving force behind effective organizations throughout history. Socrates Learning takes the same world-acclaimed Appreciative Inquiry research being applied by corporations like GE, and Tata Power, and thought leaders like Seth Godin, and packages it in effective story-telling for a constant flow of weekly or monthly stories that will return increasing cultural dividends over time as you use and reuse the same stories in multiple formats and for a variety of your stakeholders.

We want to partner with organizations ready to take an unaffected look at themselves in order to find and share the truth about what is best about themselves.

2. Transformative Change

Socrates Learning is regularly engaged to assist corporations and organizations mobilize their entire talent poo to synchronize their culture in the pursuit of a larger corporate objective and agenda. From achieving lowered greenhouse impact, higher customer satisfaction, or unwavering motivation, we have the tools and processes to help structure your thinking.


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