Appreciative Leadership

I wanted to take this time to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You conducted the whole summit so well and we all came together, understanding each other better and striving towards a common future.
I am sure this is only the beginning of something fantastic ahead of all of us.

- Deepa Chatrath, Regional Managing DirectorCorum Singapore Pte Ltd
Developed by award winning organizational consultant Dr. Gervase Bushe, Appreciative Leadership is designed to address common problems faced by CXOs, division heads, managers, and project leads. Learn research driven tools to motivate employees, resolve interpersonal relationships, rectify inefficient organizational processes, and develop talent.
Program Objectives

Program Objectives

Researcher and author Dr. Gervase Bushe brings over 30 years of experience and work in the field of organizational change and leadership to the Appreciative Leadership course.

The goal is for every participant to leave the Appreciative Leadership course ready to enact the following skills in their lives:

  • Pay attention to what you want more of.
  • Notice the dormant potential in people and systems.
  • Live in the strengths-based paradigm.
  • Implement Dr. Bushe’s “Tracking and Fanning” technique.
  • Coaching techniques for ongoing peer education.
  • Networking with other business leaders.


Module 1 – Leadership
Module 1 focuses on how to influence and enhance the performance of the individuals that are working with you towards your mission. Learn how to nourish and inspire the people you lead, every single day. This module involves two half days of instruction in positive influence and change spread across two weeks.

Module 2 – Performance
Module 2 focuses on how to influence and enhanve the processes that bind your human capital together. Learn how to engage multi-stakeholder processes holistically to achieve efficiency goals. This module involves two half days of process enhancement spread across six weeks.

Combination Module – Holistic Development
Delve deep into both leadership and development to turbocharge your relationship with the organization that is supporting your goals. The combination module involves four half days of instruction on both leadership and performance spread over six weeks.



All modules are built around the same basic structure to maximize learning and retention:

Pre-Course Work

  • Co-Worker Questionnaire
  • Personalized Report

1st Session

  • Basic Skills
  • Buddy Coaching

Implementation at Workplace

  • Two weeks of in-field testing
  • Three sessions of Buddy Coaching

2nd Session

  • Sharing and Reflection Strategy Session
  • Advanced Skills

Post-Course Coaching

  • 1-on-1 Personalized Coaching
  • Three sessions of Buddy Coaching


  1. First hand practice of the techniques and skills during the course.
  2. Workbooks provide easy ongoing reference.
  3. Peer coaching tools.
  4. Dr. Gervase Bushe’s book “Clear Leadership”.