From its earliest beginnings, Socrates Learning has held events for public or private consumption in order to disseminate the critical learnings that have been accumulated by Appreciative Inquiry research.

  1. Socratic Workshops
    Intensive experiences that offer a detailed examination of one of the critical facets of applying Appreciative Inquiry concepts in everyday life.

  2. Socratic Seminars
    Shorter 2-hour discussions that serve as a primer into your understanding of the concepts.

Socratic Workshops

Socratic Communication

1. Socratic Communication

Engaging conversations to attain personal and organizational goals.

Communication is a 2-way process. Good communication is a measure of the effectiveness with which your point gets across. Great communication goes beyond mere persuasion into listening with empathy and seeking to understand as much as to be understood. This is the basis of trust and the stepping stone for successful businesses and organizations. How do you create engaging conversations to achieve personal and organizational goals? In this action-learning workshop based on the principles of Appreciative Inquiry, you will discover communication skills you had but may not have been using effectively. Improvisational conversational techniques to enhance listening skills, forum theater to explore non-verbal communication, and other engaging exercises ensure that you will leave with a distinct improvement in the way that you communicate.

For details please download the Socratic Communication brochure here.

Socratic Presentation

2. Socratic Presentation

Delivering content that entertains, influences, and inspires audiences to act.

Effective presentation is a skill that can be developed by anybody starting today. It is a science with simple rules that make it impossible for your audience to not sit up and listen attentively. No matter our job description, there will always be a time when we have to make a presentation, at times within our organization—to colleagues or bosses and sometimes customers, partners, vendors, and other social occasions. Merely being good enough at your job is no longer adequate. You need to also have good presentation skills. In this highly interactive workshop, you will learn the art and science, the ins and outs to making highly effective presentations. Hear of real life examples, do actual exercise, and carry out an action-based assessment with video feedback. Dynamically assess your audience’s receptiveness to your presentation. Remember these skills are highly effective even in non-formal presentation situation.

For details please download the Socratic Presentations brochure here.

Socratic Negotiation

3. Socratic Negotiation

Securing win-win agreements, gimmicks-free, for long term profitability.

Negotiation is a critical management horizontal. Negotiations occur on a dails basis between peers, superiors, direct reports, vendors, partners, and customers. The old concept of negotiation was about “winning” against the “opponent”. But this win-lose approach only serves to end the relationship, causing distrust and difficulties for future dealings. Long-term business relationships are the basis of all successful companies, as they unlock high profitability and efficiency. Long-term relationships are based on mutual trust and common goals. Step on to the path to more profitable negotiations by understanding positive psychology, assertiveness, and strength-based empathy. Filled with real life examples and case studies, learn practical tips and habits to fortify yourself in all negotiation situations. Draw on past experiences and observations of successful negotiations to work towards win-win negotiations and long term, lasting relationships.

For details please download the Socratic Negotiations brochure here.

Socratic Teams

4. Socratic Teams

Achieving organizational goals through sustained collaboration in cohesive groups.

In standard team building programs, the emphasis is merely on fun and games. Although this does encourage a warm and friendly spirit, it generally stops there. Socratic Teams is about directly engaging the participants for ways they can collaborate better in real situations. Based on strengths-based principles of Appreciative Inquiry and Learning Styles, Socratic Teams ensures that participants discover their strengths as individuals and teams and feel highly engaged in achieving the team’s objectives and goals. This is a high-energy action-learning workshop that includes exercises about sharing, creative expression of ideas and achieving team success by playing to individual strengths, all within the context of what matters within the workplace.

Socratic Change Making

5. Socratic Change Making

Learn how to apply Appreciative Inquiry and become a change maker within your organization.

This workshop is an Appreciative Inquiry practicum aimed for people – HR Professionals, senior leadership – who want to be change makers in their organization. Change is a complicated issue and when it is large-scale, whole-system, sustained change the complexities increase exponentially. Participants learn how to achieve a paradigm shift from the traditional approach to problem solving to a strengths-based approach. This high-energy learning experience is designed to promote reflection, self-discovery, the emergence of strengths, and a deep understanding of the ingredients for sustained change.

For details please download the Socratic Change Making brochure here.

Socratic Seminars

Appreciative Inquiry Change

1. Appreciative Inquiry & Change

Enable your business to thrive in a dynamic economic landscape.

Change is the only constant in an ever-changing global economy. Long-term strategies must take this into consideration to achieve organizational goals and more importantly, to avoid becoming irrelevant. But how do you ensure that you do indeed achieve the change your organization needs? Appreciative Inquiry(AI) is a methodology that meets that need. Learn how inquiry in a particular direction compels organizations to gravitate towards it. Get an insight into the strengths-based approach for sustained, measurable change instead of the traditional deficits-based approach. Learn to craft the unconditionally positive question to motivate individuals to be engaged and committed to organizational goals. Packed with stories and case studies, this seminar keeps the audience engaged and leaves them inspired.

Critical Thinking Skills

2. Critical Thinking for Excellence

Awaken the critical thinker in you for innovation and effectiveness.

Critical thinking is called by many names – problem solving, lateral thinking among others. Conventionally, the skills essential to successfully solve challenging problems, achieve breakthroughs, and ideate innovatively, are associated with high IQ and innately high calibre. This leaves the larger population with the impression that they are not thus gifted hence can’t achieve similar outcomes.In fact it is a capability that most humans are born with. In this highly interactive action-learning seminar, you will hear of some of the myths associated with critical thinking skills. You will learn how legendary thinkers achieved their breakthroughs by a simple application of processes with which we are already familiar. Filled with tips that enable you to hone your skills in the corporate world, you will leave with the confidence in your abilities to create innovative and effective solutions in your professional and personal lives.